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In powder coating, what powder is used to form the discolored paint surface

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As a common coating technology, powder coating is widely used in various industries. 

Among them, the color-changing finish is a fascinating effect that can give the object a unique appearance and visual effect. 

So, in powder coating, what powder is used to form the color-changing effect? This article will introduce several common types of powders used for color changing finishes.


1. thermal color change powder: thermal color change powder is a widely used color change effect powder. It has a temperature sensitivity, in different temperatures will show different colors. When heated or cooled, this powder will undergo a color change, thus creating a striking color change effect. Thermochromic powder is widely used in automobiles, furniture, decorations and other fields, adding a unique visual effect to the product.

2. photosensitive color changing powder: photosensitive color changing powder is another common color changing effect powder. Its sensitivity to ultraviolet light makes the color change under sunlight exposure. When exposed to sunlight, photosensitive color change powder will quickly change color to create a bright color change effect. This powder is commonly used in outdoor products, toys, decorations and other fields, giving the product a lively and interesting appearance.

3. Chemical reaction color-changing powder: chemical reaction color-changing powder is through a chemical reaction with a substance in the external environment to achieve the effect of color change. This powder usually reacts with humidity, oxygen, acids and bases and other specific conditions, resulting in color changes. Chemical reaction color-changing powder is commonly used in food packaging, indication markers and other fields, can provide accurate environmental instructions and monitoring.

4. Phantom powder: Phantom powder is a special powder with colorful shimmering effect. It uses a special optical effect, through the reflection and refraction of light to produce a colorful color effect. Illusion powder is commonly used in the field of decorative products, cosmetics, artwork, etc., giving the product a unique luster and color change effect.



In powder coating, the color-changing finish can be formed using a variety of different powders. Thermosensitive color change powder, photosensitive color change powder, chemical reaction color change powder and illusion powder are common types of powder to achieve color change effect. These powders give objects a unique appearance and visual effect, and are widely used in various fields to add charm and creativity to products.

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