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  • Feb
    What are the main equipments of a typical paint factory?
    The main equipments for painting include: water spray painting room; conveying system; hot air drying room 1. Water spinning spray room Water rotary spray paint room is also called hydraulic spinning type spray paint room. The chamber uses a gas laminar flow suppression method to prevent the paint m
  • Oct
    Curing Heating Oven of Powder Coating Line
  • Oct
    Thermosetting powder coating
    The thermosetting powder coating is applied by a high-voltage, low-current electrostatic spraying process. When spraying, an automatic coating line consisting of a manual spray gun or multiple spray guns can be used. Friction guns that work on the principle of triboelectric charging are not effectiv
  • Oct
    Prevention of Powder Coating Granular
    ​We will design the best powder coating line for you. Penny Pang (Sales Dept.) Hebei Hanna Technology Co.,Ltd Tel:+86-15131185156/Fax:+86-311-69106605 Whatsapp:+86 15131185156 / QQ:3207067960 Linkdln :Penny Pang/ Wechat:+86 15131185156
  • Oct
    What kind of powder coating should be selected in powder coating?
    The color of the powder coating coating is mostly composite color. This involves the color matching, baking temperature and time will affect the formation of the final surface color. Nowadays, there are many restrictions on the color matching of instruments, such as the difference in pigment batch a
  • Oct
    Precautions of various Powder construction methods
    We specialize in manufacturing Powder Coating Equipment since 1990. We are manufacturers of specialized production Powder Coating Equipment and Automatic Liquid painting Line for 28 years.
  • Oct
    How powder coating equipment changes one person's life
    In the evening of a black night. A novice thief entered a villa and wanted to open the strongbox of the richman. The thief spent all hours using all the tools, but found the strongbox unscathed."This is too strange!" said the thief. "I can understand why I can't open the strongbox, but why can't I
  • Sep
    Causes and methods of shrinkage of coating after electrostatic powder coating
    Causes and methods of shrinkage of coating after electrostatic powder coating.
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