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What are the main equipments of a typical paint factory?

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The main equipments for painting include: water spray painting room; conveying system; hot air drying room 1. Water spinning spray room Water rotary spray paint room is also called hydraulic spinning type spray paint room. The chamber uses a gas laminar flow suppression method to prevent the paint mist from spreading, and is filtered by a hydraulic spinning tube.

1, water spin spray booth

The water spin spray booth is also called the hydraulic spinning spray booth. The chamber uses a gas laminar flow suppression method to prevent the paint mist from spreading, and the liquid spinning tube filters the paint mist. This is a technically complete spray booth.

The water rotary painting room is composed of a chamber body, an electric door, a paint mist filtering device, an air-conditioning air supply device and an air exhaust device; the lighting device is installed on both sides of the room body, the illumination is above 500 Lux, and can be grouped and controlled; the indoor combustion gas concentration is set. Detection and alarm device; The paint mist filter device consists of a washing plate, a hydrodynamic spinner, a groundwater tank and an exhaust device, and the paint mist removal rate is > 98%; the air-conditioning air supply device is the main component for forming a gas layered flow. The air sent into the air supply chamber is filtered, heated, and evenly sent to the indoor air supply chamber to make the indoor wind speed uniform. The vertical wind speed can reach 0.35 ~ 0.4 m · s - 1 when there is no workpiece; the air exhaust device is The paint-containing mist gas in the chamber is filtered by a hydrodynamic spinning tube and discharged from the water tank and the washing plate.

2, conveyor system

For construction machinery components (structural parts), the use of self-propelled hoists is an effective choice.

The self-propelled electric hoist conveying system consists of a gantry column, a load-bearing rail, a sliding conductor rail and a current collector, a load truck, an electric hoist, and a PC-controlled central control cabinet.

The system combines the four essential technologies of machinery, electronics, computer and automatic control, and concentrates on four logistics links: warehousing, transportation, loading and unloading, and process operation. Not only can the workpiece be conveyed continuously or step by step according to the preset procedure, it is especially convenient to automatically or manually lift and lower in the paint booth in the place where there is manual operation.

   3, hot air drying room

The drying method is hot air circulation convection mode, and its biggest advantage is uniform baking, especially suitable for engineering machinery parts with large heat capacity. Heating heat sources include steam, electricity, light diesel oil, natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas. Liquefied petroleum gas is preferred when conditions permit. This is a clean and efficient energy source. The biggest advantage is that the production and operation cost is only 35% to 40% of the cost of electricity.

4, through the type of blasting room

The through-type blast chamber consists of a cleaning chamber body, a blasting machine, a projectile circulation system, a ventilation dust removal system, a bottom foundation, and an electrical control system. Non-standard designs of different sizes can be used according to different specifications of the workpiece, and stereotype equipment can also be selected.

When the workpiece enters the blasting chamber, the blasting machine driven by the motor centrifugally throws a high-speed projectile, which strongly impacts the rust and scale on the surface of the workpiece. After the workpiece is moved at a constant speed or after several rotations, the surface quality can reach Sa2 ~ Sa2. 5 standard. The through-type blasting chamber is suitable for structural parts of engineering machinery, and the surface of the forged casting is cleaned and strengthened to obtain a smooth surface with a certain roughness, which increases the bonding force of the coating film and improves the anti-corrosion effect of the workpiece.

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