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powder coating gun

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As a necessary tool for electrostatic spraying, powder electrostatic spray gun directly determines the final spraying effect. The general spray gun is composed of high pressure generator, gun barrel, nozzle, controller fluidizing powder barrel and auxiliary air device. High quality high voltage generator (HV module) can produce stable and durable high voltage electric field, and ensure that powder particles can take effective and sufficient negative charge on the powder, so as to ensure the reliable adsorption of the workpiece. The gun and nozzle need high quality material to ensure a lighter quality and longer service life of the spray gun, a high intelligent controller and an aerodynamic auxiliary device to help the spray gun provide a reasonable air force for the powder to ensure the thickness of the film and the permeability of some refractory areas.


There are several factors that often determine the quality of the spray quality, one is the uniform and stable film thickness, the second is for the special-shaped workpiece, which can make the powder overcome the Faraday cage phenomenon and effectively penetrate and spray. As a result, the performance of the spray gun will directly determine the effect of powder coating. The power performance and aerodynamic performance of the powder will directly affect the final coating quality.

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