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powder coating line process and matters need attention

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During the process of the powder coating production line pre-treatment section or period, firstly is to pay attention to the formulate the principle of the necessary strong acid and alkali purchasing, transportation, storage and application  system.  Providing workers with the necessary protective clothing, safe and reliable loading, handling and configuration appliance and make emergency measures and rescue measures in case of an accident. 

Secondly, during the pre-treatment section of the powder coating line, due to the existence of a certain amount of wastes such as waste gas and waste liquid, it is necessary to dispose the exhaust gas exhausting, drainage and waste treatment devices in respect of environmental protection measures.

The quality of the pre-processed workpieces, due to the different production technics of the pre-treatment for the powder coating  and powder coating production line process, will be difference. To produce better workpieces, it need to remove all oil, rust on the surface of the workpieces, avoiding rust again in short time. In general, in the behind end of the line of the pre-treatment,it will be better to have the workpieces phosphated or passivation treated. Before powder coating, the workpieces should have phosphating treatment to get the workpieces dried. Small quantities of single production, it general uses natural dry, wind dried, sun dried. For high-volume assembly line operations, generally applying low-temperature drying by powder curing oven or powder coating curving tunnel.

The management production of the spray powder coating

For small quantities of workpieces, manual powder coating machine are generally used, whereas for high-volume workpieces, manual or automatic powder coating system are common used. No matter by manual powder coating machine or automatic powder coating line, the control of the powder coating quality is very important. To ensure that the powder on the workpiece was coated evenly, same thickness. In case of any coated leakage, color off and other defects.

In the process of the powder painting production line, it should also pay attention to the hook part of the workpiece before entering the curing. The powder attached on the hook should be blown off in order to keep the hook have good electrical conductivity as well as better for the next workpieces to be powder coated.

Curing process production of the powder coating line.

This process should be noted that: powder coated workpieces, if it is a small batch of single production, it should check weather there is color off before into the powder coating curing furnace.  If appearing the phenomenon of powder cleaning, the workpieces should be promptly make up powder. When curving, strictly control the temperature, time, in order to prevent color different, curing inadequate caused by over time curving or short time curving.

For large quantities of automatic powder coating line for workpieces, before into the powder coating curving oven, it should carefully check whether having the leakage spray, gushing or partial wiping powder phenomenon. Once finding such unqualified workpieces, it should be recoated before enter the powder coating tunnel. If only several workpieces unqualified, it can be coated again when finished the curving. 

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