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Pre-treatment in powder coating lines: role, purpose, equipment and steps

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Powder coating is a coating technology widely used in industrial manufacturing to provide excellent coating quality and durability. 

However, the pre-treatment process is essential to ensure the quality and adhesion of the coating. 

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the role, purpose, equipment required, and steps involved in pre-treatment in a powder coating line.


The Role and Purpose of Pre-treatment

Pre-treatment is an indispensable part of the powder coating production line, and its main roles and purposes include:

1. Surface Cleaning: The primary goal of pretreatment is to remove grease, dirt, rust and other impurities from the surface of the workpiece. These contaminants can reduce the adhesion and quality of the powder coating, so it must be thoroughly cleaned. 2.

2. Surface activation: The pretreatment process improves the adhesion of the surface of the workpiece so that the powder coating can better adhere to the surface. This is usually achieved by chemical or mechanical treatment. 3.

3. Film thickness uniformity: Pre-treatment helps to ensure that the film thickness of the powder coating is uniform, thus avoiding the problem of uneven coatings or varying thicknesses.

4. Corrosion Resistance: Pre-treatment enhances the corrosion resistance of the workpiece and prolongs its service life.

Pre-treatment equipment

To complete the pretreatment, a series of equipment and tools are required, including:

1. cleaning equipment: including immersion cleaning tank, high-pressure cleaner, spray system, etc., used to remove dirt and grease on the surface of the workpiece.

2. chemical pretreatment equipment: including pickling tank, alkaline cleaning tank, phosphate tank, etc., for surface activation and film thickness uniformity improvement.

3. drying equipment: used to dry the workpiece thoroughly to be ready to receive the powder coating.

4. Inspection equipment: Used to inspect the surface of the pre-treated workpiece to ensure that it meets the coating requirements, such as surface cleanliness and adhesion.

Main steps of pre-treatment

The pre-treatment process usually consists of the following main steps:

1. Removal of dirt and grease: Firstly, the workpieces need to be decontaminated and degreased in cleaning equipment. This can be done by immersion, high-pressure washing or spraying, depending on the size and shape of the part. 2.

2. Chemical treatment: Next, the workpiece may be subjected to a chemical treatment such as pickling, alkaline cleaning or phosphating in a chemical pre-treatment facility. These treatments help to improve surface adhesion and corrosion resistance.

3. Cleaning and Neutralisation: After the chemical treatment, the part will need to be cleaned again to remove any residual treatment solution and to neutralise any residual acids and bases. This step is very important to ensure that the surface of the workpiece is neutral.

4. Drying: After cleaning and neutralisation, the part needs to be dried in drying equipment to remove all moisture. Moisture can cause problems in the powder coating process, so it is important to ensure that the part is thoroughly dry.

5. Inspection and quality control: Finally, the workpiece is inspected to ensure that the pre-treatment process meets the required quality standards. This includes checking parameters such as surface cleanliness, adhesion and film thickness uniformity.


In a powder coating line, pre-treatment is a critical step to ensure coating quality and adhesion. Through steps such as cleaning, chemical treatment, drying and quality control, pre-treatment ensures that the surface of the workpiece is ready to receive the powder coating. The use of appropriate equipment and correct operating methods can increase the efficiency of pre-treatment, reduce production costs and ensure that the coating quality is at the desired level. Pre-treatment is therefore an integral part of the powder coating line and is of great importance to a wide variety of manufacturing industries.

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