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Quality control of powder coating line spraying

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The construction of a complete powder coating line involves a number of processes.
First of all, we need to understand the needs of our customers, then we analyse them from a professional point of view, and finally we plan a feasible solution for our customers, which is then approved by them and followed by a specific production programme, process planning and programme planning.
The following is an overview of the process of constructing a coating line.
1, main equipment of powder coating line. The main coating equipment is divided into pre-coating treatment equipment, paint coating equipment, film drying and curing equipment, mechanised conveying equipment, dust-free constant temperature and humidity air supply equipment and other ancillary equipment.
2. Spraying pre-treatment equipment mainly consists of tank, tank heating system, ventilation system, tank stirring system, phosphating and slag removal system, oil and water separation system.
Paint coating equipment: chamber body, paint mist filtering device, water supply system, ventilation system, lighting device.
Drying equipment: chamber, heating system, air duct, air filter, air heater, fan, air curtain system, temperature control system, etc.
5. Mechanised transport equipment: it plays an organising and coordinating role in the whole coating production line, including air transport such as suspension transporters and ground transport by accumulative transporters.

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With regard to the many factors that affect the quality of powder coating line spraying, how can spraying quality be ensured?
(1.) Check the powder coating line suspension conveyor chain to see if there are any abnormalities in the coating process equipment. If there are any abnormalities, take immediate precautions to ensure that the process is working properly.
(2.) During the maintenance of the powder coating line machinery and equipment, observe the drive wheels and tapping wheels of the automatic spraying machine on time to see if there are any abnormal unevennesses, and pay attention to whether there are any abnormal lines, scratches or significant unevennesses in the middle or later stages of the process.
(3.) Because the key ingredient of the paint spraying products used in powder coating line is organic solvents, the rapid evaporation of organic solvents can easily cause the ambient temperature to drop and water to solidify, so the unevenness of the paint spraying process can be dealt with according to the different painting processes.
(4.) Before painting, check the oil and gas separator of the standard pneumatic pipe and eliminate the water from the bottom of the separator. If the sprayers are unbalanced due to the rapid evaporation of organic solvents and high relative humidity, paint thinners should be replaced by suitable moisture-proofing agents as far as possible to reduce the evaporation rate and avoid unbalanced sprayers.

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