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What should be paid attention to in the application of spraying line

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Spraying equipment plays a big role in our lives. What problems should we pay attention to when using spray equipment? Let's discuss it together.

1. According to actual needs, such as the size, shape, daily output and other parameters of the target workpiece, select the most suitable electrostatic spray gun spraying process plan.

2. Calculate and list the equipment and materials that are purchased and manufactured according to the selected plan.

In addition to the above matters, we have some other considerations, there are several aspects of technical materials that may be required:

First, pre-treatment (deoiling, descaling, phosphating, etc.) process technology materials.

Second, the powder reclaims the manufacturing materials, drawings and primary accessories of the spray booth.

Third, electric heating, coal heating, fuel heating, gas heating curing furnace materials, drawings and primary accessories.

Fourth, the shortcomings of electrostatic spraying are analyzed and solved.

Fifth, the procedures for the workshop of electrostatic spraying equipment (can be posted in the electrostatic spraying workshop).

About the problems in the practical application of the electrostatic spraying equipment line, I would like to introduce it here, I hope to help us, if you want to know our products, please contact customer service or call us.

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