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Why reciprocators can replace manual labor in powder coating booths

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Powder spraying is a surface treatment technique in which powder-like paint is uniformly sprayed onto metal or non-metal workpieces by electrostatic or frictional force, and then cured by heating or ultraviolet light to form a hard, smooth and corrosion-resistant coating. 

Powder coating is widely used in automobile, home appliance, construction, machinery and other fields to improve the beauty and performance of products.

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Powder coating room is a closed space specially used for powder coating, with internal ventilation system, recycling system, filtration system, etc. to ensure the safety and environmental protection of the coating process. 

There are two types of powder coating rooms: manual handheld and automatic reciprocating.

I. Manual handheld and automatic reciprocating

1, Manual hand-held means that the operator holds the gun and sprays the workpiece in the powder coating room. This method has the advantage of flexibility and adaptability, but also has the following disadvantages.

  • - Low efficiency, time-consuming and high cost of manual operation.

  • - Unstable quality of manual operation, prone to problems such as leakage of spraying and uneven thickness.

  • - safety hazards of manual operation, long-term exposure to dust and noise harmful to the body.

2, Automatic reciprocating type refers to the automatic control of the spray gun by the reciprocating machine, and batch and standardized spraying of the workpiece in the powder coating chamber. This method has the following advantages.

  • - Smooth operation and long life of the automatic reciprocator.

  • - automatic reciprocators can detect intelligently, automatically enter and exit, detect the thickness of the powder coating and control the amount of powder discharged.

  • - automatic reciprocator can set and adjust parameters according to different shapes and sizes of workpieces.

  • - Automatic reciprocating machine can realize automatic adjustment of upper and lower height¹ , flat or curved surface uniform coating on five sides at one time

  • - automatic reciprocator can improve production efficiency and quality stability³, saving energy and material consumption.

reciprocators in powder coating ling (2)

II. Reasons why reciprocators can replace manual labor

In summary, the main reasons why reciprocators can replace manual labor in powder coating booths are as follows.

  • - Improving production efficiency and quality stability.

  • - Saving costs and resource consumption.

  • - safeguarding the safety and health of the operator.

III. Advantages of automatic reciprocating spraying equipment

In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, automatic reciprocating spraying equipment has the following advantages.

  • - The ability to track the shape and position of the workpiece for precise coating.

  • - The ability to automatically change or clean molds and clean spray guns, reducing downtime.

  • - Ability to design with safety doors, dust shields and protection windows to isolate paint dust in the spraying chamber to avoid pollution to the operator and the environment⁵.

  • - the ability to adjust parameters according to different workpieces and coatings to optimize the coating effect.

These advantages make automatic reciprocating spraying equipment more suitable for large-scale, high-standard and diversified production requirements.

Therefore, the use of automatic reciprocators for spraying in powder coating booths is a superior choice when conditions permit.

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