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Cleaning methods for powder coating lines

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Ash cleaning methods.


1, Gas cleaning: gas cleaning is with the help of high-pressure gas or external atmosphere blowing back the filter bag of the spray paint room to remove the accumulated ash on the filter bag. Gas cleaning includes pulse blowing cleaning, reverse blowing air cleaning, and reverse suction air cleaning.


2, Manual tapping: powder coating booth is used to manually tap each filter bag to remove the accumulated ash from the filter bag.


powder coating booth

3, Mechanical vibrating cleaning: divided into top vibrating cleaning and central vibrating cleaning (both for the filter bag), powder coating booth is with the help of mechanical vibrating device periodically vibrating each row of filter bags in turn, to remove the accumulated ash on the filter bag.


As consumers' requirements for furniture quality continue to improve and national environmental requirements for furniture factories become higher and higher, furniture factories are paying more and more attention to furniture surface polishing in furniture production. But in the grinding process, a large amount of dust will be generated, so a clean powder coating booth is very necessary. I hope that the above 3 ways to clear the dust can bring you help.

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