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Different fuels are used for curing furnace

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Curing Heating System:heating fuel can be divided into coal,electricity,natual gas,diessl oil,biological particles and so on.After powder coating,the workpieceis heated into the curing heating system at 180-200 degree by the converying chain,and it is heated for the corresponding time about 15-20 minutes to melt.Different fuels are used for curing furnace:

1.The advantage of the curing furnace to choose coal as fuel is low cost. But few countries use it because of the pollution.

2.The solidification furnace with electric power as fuel is relatively safe and environmentally friendly.But the cost and combustion costs are relatively high.

3.The curing furnace with diesel fuel is low cost.But burning costs and pollution levels are not optimistic.

4.As the most popular burning raw material in recent years, bioparticles are highly regarded by the public.Relatively low cost and high environmental protection.It is now the first choice for most spray factories.

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