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Effect of powder cleaning on the life of filter element in electrostatic spray equipment

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We all know that the filter element is an important part of the spray house powder recovery system. Its quality will directly affect the recovery effect of the electrostatic spray line. Therefore, whether the filter element can clean the filter cloth in time and effectively during use. The accumulation of powder on the surface is the key to affect the filter efficiency and product life. There are four factors that generally affect the cleaning effect:

1. If the air pressure is too small, the powder on the surface of the filter element is absolutely shocked. If the strength of the filter element is allowed, the greater the shock pressure, the better.

2. The gas entering the solenoid valve through compressed air will also affect the backflushing effect. If the gas contains moisture and oil, the oil will penetrate into the interior of the filter and the plastic powder will bond together. At that time, the large air pressure will also strike. The powder on the surface of the filter cloth cannot be collected, so the air compressor in the powder spray booth must be equipped with a corresponding filter for oil-water separation.

3. The quality of the filter material of the powder recovery filter itself will also affect the powder cleaning effect. Compared with the domestic filter material, the imported high-quality filter material is easier to remove the powder.

4. The appearance of the filter element can also directly affect the powder cleaning effect. Compared with the traditional cylindrical filter element, the large and small shape of the tapered filter element is more likely to fall off during pulse shock. The bottom-drain filter element directly slides the shaken powder down to the bottom of the powder room. The small-diameter shallow-pitch filter element can expand the filter cloth outward when the pulse is struck, and shake the plastic powder on the surface of the filter cloth.

The new moon painting reminds you that when the plastic powder is not cleaned up during the use of the powder room, it is necessary to analyze the cause and then solve the problem. Remember that these two methods are not advisable. First, do not hit the surface of the filter directly with a stick. Second, do not wash the filter element with water. Because hitting with a stick will cause damage to the surface of the filter cloth, and the support mesh in the filter element will bend and shrink, which will quickly cause the filter to be scrapped. The filter element is washed with water. The water is a plastic powder that can be directly washed to the surface of the filter cloth, but the small particle dust hidden inside the filter fiber fiber will bond into a paste once it encounters water, and adheres to the fibers inside the filter material. This will cause the air flow to be insufficient and the resistance of the filter element will increase, which will seriously shorten the service life of the filter element. In principle, we do not recommend that the customer clean the filter element with water.

The above is the new moon painting for everyone to sort out the relevant knowledge about the cleaning of the filter element in the electrostatic spray equipment. If you need more details, you can call the hotline 18961083322, Taizhou Xinyue painting welcome your call!!!


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