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Electrostatic powder coating booth Improvement ideas

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1. Design level

The urgent need for improvement in the design level is quite obvious, mainly because many companies do not invest enough in this area, which stems from a lack of awareness. As a result, the flow of advanced electrostatic powder coating booths into the Chinese market has been much less, mostly in the form of advanced key equipment, while many other basic components are lacking. This low level of investment needs to be changed, and the specific changes are being stepped up, mainly through the combination of national conditions to take the road of self-designed production lines.

2. Manufacturing levels

Electrostatic powder coating booth

Looking at the layout of the industry as a whole, most of it is dominated by smaller enterprises, many of which still rely heavily on manual processing methods, which directly leads to difficulties in improving the performance indicators and reliability of the products. Therefore, it is very urgent to upgrade the manufacturing level by updating electrostatic powder coating booths.

3. Operational level

Because most of the industry's operators in the country lack expertise in the relevant knowledge, some of the codes of practice are not well understood, creating a poor working environment that must be addressed.

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