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Electrostatic spraying technology uses the principle of static electricity

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Electrostatic spraying technology uses the electrostatic principle to surface the workpiece, so the entire powder coating process also requires a complete powder coating equipment to implement. Depending on how the powder is sprayed and the recyclability of the powder material itself. The powder coating equipment in the usual sense includes a powder electrostatic spray gun (gun control device), a recovery device, a powder room, and a powder supply device.

powder coating line

The combination of these devices allows the entire powder coating process to form a complete cycle.

The powder is sprayed onto the workpiece through a spray gun, and the powder that has been sprayed or not adsorbed onto the workpiece is recovered by the recovery device, and the powder is sent to the powder supply device for screening and then re-supplied to the spray gun for recycling.

Curing heating system

Powder electrostatic spray gun: relying on high-voltage static electricity to "transport" the powder onto the workpiece to be sprayed. Its electrostatic properties and aerodynamic performance directly affect the powder's primary powder rate and film thickness control.

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