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Features of the powder coating booth

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1. Big cyclone powder coating booth adopts the combination of Chinese and foreign technology, the recovery rate can reach more than 95%.


2. The post-recovery machine adopts water curtain recovery, which is simple and efficient.

1) The powder coating booth is designed with a powder collection flotation tank at the bottom to recover the overspray powder directly into the powder supply drum, reducing the loss of cyclone recovery.

2) Low energy consumption, compared to similar small cyclone equipment, power consumption saving 1/3.

3) Convenient cleaning.


                electrostatic painting line

1.1. powder coating booth The bottom plate is made of stainless steel plate, the side and top plates are made of PP plate material, cleaning is very fast.

1.2. The single tube large cyclone two-stage recovery system, which is currently recognized as one of the most rapid recovery systems in China, the colour change time is about 20 minutes.

1.3. The conical tube under the large cyclone is connected by a hinged quick snap, which can be easily moved and cleaned.

1.4. powder coating booth length inner hollow length is shortened, reducing the spray booth cleaning time.


4), system configuration Siemens man-machine interface, convenient for operation, parameter setting, maintenance: friendly Chinese man-machine interface, using graphic symbols, with parameter setting, alarm information tips, maintenance tips, password protection and other functions. This makes the whole set of equipment easy to operate and convenient to maintain.


3. The equipment can be equipped with automatic recycling and sieving system to ensure the normal pollution-free circulation of the powder.

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