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Hanna automatic spraying production line - fully automatic spraying electrostatic dust removal

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The automatic spraying production line designed and developed by Hanna Technology is an automatic coating production line integrating automatic electrostatic dust removal, automatic dust-free spraying, infrared curing, UV light curing, air purification fresh air supply system and spray exhaust gas treatment system.

    Spraying method: plane reciprocating spray, rotary fixed gun automatic spraying, robot automatic spraying

Automatic spraying production line

    Hanna technology automatic coating line features and advantages:

    1. The design adopts a sprocket to drive the chain type, and the conveying chain and the track contact point are arranged with bearings, and the precise track is used, and the operation is stable, uniform speed, no turning and no shaking. The speed is adjustable from 0-10 m/min. The chain running speed can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the sprayed parts to improve productivity.

    2. The rotation system adopts chain rotation, and the rotation speed of the rotation zone is consistent, ensuring the uniformity and stability of the spraying effect; since the chain is rotated, there is no belt wear residue to prevent the equipment itself from being polluted.

    3. Electrostatic dust removal system, imported high-voltage electrostatic generator, the ion air nozzle can be adjusted up and down mechanically, can be changed according to the size of the product, plus the work object rotation, dust removal without dead angle.

    4. The tool is molded once, with high concentricity and no wobble.

    5. The water curtain environmental protection spray booth design, the airflow is smooth and clean, the air deflector and spoiler of the spray booth are carefully configured to keep the turbulent flow away from the workpiece and quickly eliminate the pollution.

    6. The tunnel furnace and the frame are modularized by sheet metal forming, which is beautiful and durable, and reduces the deformation caused by welding.

    7. Drying leveling is done by short-wave infrared IR lamp heating and PID control. The drying efficiency is high, the temperature is uniform and stable, the coating glossiness and layering are strong, the coating has better adhesion, and the phenomenon of secondary pollution paint surface which is easily generated by the hot air convection oven is eliminated.

    8. The UV curing chamber is equipped with multiple UV lamps to adjust the illumination distance and angle. The forced slewing mechanism gives the workpiece uniform illumination and the intensity is adjustable. The UV lamp has built-in filter lens to prevent the workpiece from over-exposed and maintain the lamp working normally.

Hanna powder coating line

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