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How electrostatic spraying equipment can last longer

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Electrostatic spraying equipment should not be exposed to rain or humidity and should be kept away from flammable gases and liquids.

The user should regularly check cleaning and maintenance and clean the powder supply system once a week to ensure smooth operation. When changing powder, the control power should be switched off. Explosion-proof.

The gun cable should not be used for any other purpose such as lifting the gun or to prevent damage caused by heat, oil immersion or sharp weapons. The room air/powder temperature should not exceed 10 g/m3 or 50% of the minimum explosion limit.

Manual Powder Coating Line with Filter Recovery Booth 2

Switch off the power when flying parts. Smoking is not allowed in the spray area. The object to be painted must be earthed. Fire is prohibited.

You can avoid major mistakes if you pay attention during production with Electrostatic spraying equipment, so I want my employees to start with me and start small to ensure safe production.

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