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How to ensure that coating of the workpiece is high quality?

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1, The preservation of powder coatings should be stored in a cool and dry condition and stored in strict order.


2, Before spraying the workpiece, thoroughly remove all oil and contaminants on the surface, and correctly handle the workpiece.


3, Compressed air should be oil-free, dry and dry, and check the working status of oil-water separator regularly.  


4, The structural design of the workpiece clamping device should be reasonable and maintain good connection with the ground transfer part. Fixture should be regularly cleaned to maintain good grounding.


5. Correctly choose the powder coating required for the final coating.


6, The performance of the powder coating curing oven temperature control system should be stable, and the conditions needed to ensure the curing coating should be ensured.


7. Powder supplier box , recycling systems and powder coating cabinets should be non-polluting and non-mixed with other powder materials, otherwise the appearance of the final coating will be affected.


8. Check the properties of the powder coating curing oven regularly and check the physical properties of the powder used.


9, The recovered powder must be sieved and mixed with the new powder according to the prescribed proportion.


10. Silicon dust or paint dust should be avoided near the powder coating spraying site to avoid affecting the appearance quality. 

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