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Main factors of chromatic aberration appearing during electrostatic spray equipment

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The color difference is simply the difference in color. After the high temperature curing of the workpiece of the electrostatic spray equipment, the color of the surface is different, which is called "color difference".

Under normal circumstances, the problem of paint chromatic aberration in the spraying of electrostatic spray equipment occurs during the commissioning phase:

Problem 1, the color difference caused by the uneven thickness of the coating.

Solution: Adjust the powdering process parameters and ensure that the electrostatic spraying equipment works well to ensure uniform coating thickness.

Problem 2, chromatic aberration caused by uneven distribution of powder pigments.

Solution: Improve the quality of the powder, ensure that the color difference data of the powder is not much different and positive and negative.

Problem 3, the color difference caused by the different curing temperatures.

Solution: Control the set temperature and conveyor chain speed to maintain the consistency and stability of the workpiece curing temperature and time.

Question 4, the batch of powder causes different color difference

Solution: Spraying or spraying different batches, even the same batch will cause chromatic aberration. If the paint used is the same as the plastic powder, spraying on the same spray line, the parameters are basically the same, it is possible to prevent this problem from happening. .

Problem 5, uneven oven temperature causes chromatic aberration

Solution: Because there is a temperature difference, the color is definitely different. It is necessary to ensure that the workpiece is baked at 180 to 200 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes.

The main reason for the equipment problems is that the lack of attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the later period has caused many problems. As long as we can regularly maintain and maintain the spray line, we can avoid many of these problems and increase them. The service life of the equipment. A poorly opaque powder coating, like a white paper with a certain degree of transparency, must exhibit a certain thickness to show good opacity; a opaque powder, like the iron plate mentioned above, will exhibit a good thickness. Covering.

Tunnel Curing Oven.

Hanna Coating is equipped with a drying and curing oven equipped according to European standards. The temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of the furnace is controlled within 5 °C to ensure that the coating is not detached. New moon painting, 28 years of continuous efforts in the design and development of spray equipment, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, after-sales and other related products and services, the company will, as always, first-class products and dedicated service to meet the needs of our customers.

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