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Powder electrostatic spraying process technology introduction and operation process

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Powder coating is a new technology and new technology in the field of modern coating industry. It is also one of the new technologies promoted in China. It is widely used in home appliances and other fields. Powder coating is a highly protective and highly decorative coating method. To obtain a satisfactory coating effect, it is necessary to control the factors affecting the coating effect. As the operation and construction personnel of the powder coating, if the knowledge of the defects that are easy to occur in the painting process is not enough, it will not be able to produce a qualified product or if there is a problem, it will be incompetent and impossible to start.

First, the superiority of powder coating

Powder coating is a new coating material in powder form that does not contain liquid solvents and thinners. Due to its high decoration, heavy corrosion resistance, powder recycling, and the environmental pollution of organic solvents, it has a wide application space.

Compared with traditional paint construction, powder coating construction has the following advantages:

1. Powder coating is a solvent-free coating, which determines that it is not necessary to dissolve the main film-forming substances and auxiliary film-forming substances, fillers and pigments in organic solvents, and solve some organic solvents that cannot be dissolved. The polymer film-forming material can be used as a problem in coatings. Many polymer materials that are difficult to be dissolved by solvents are the backbone of anti-corrosion and decorative coatings.

2, powder coating because it does not contain volatile organic solvents, it is not easy to burn and explode, as long as the accumulation of dust is prevented, it can solve the hidden danger of fire and explosion. This kind of flammable solvent paint such as paint can not be overcome.

3. Since the powder coating itself does not contain organic solvents, there is no irritating odor during the construction operation and the milling process, which not only prevents the environment from being polluted and destroyed, but also greatly benefits the operator's own physical and mental health.

4. The utilization rate of paint liquid paint during construction is only 50%-60%. The powder coating has a powder rate of about 70%-80% at one time (affected by the shape of the workpiece), and the remaining powder can be recycled twice, and the utilization rate is 90%-98%.

5, paint liquid coating construction process must be added 30% -50% of the thinner, and the role of these thinners is only to adjust the viscosity, not the necessary components to cure the film, and volatilized during the refining process. It not only pollutes the environment, but also does a lot of useless work, wastes raw materials and increases production costs; such thinners are not needed at all during powder coating construction.

6. The thickness of paint liquid paint is generally 15-30μm, and the powder coating can reach 60-150μm in one painting. It can be coated to the required thickness at one time, reducing labor intensity and suitable for automated assembly line production operations.

7. After the solidification of the powder coating, the appearance is full and the color is soft, so that the appearance of the paint liquid paint after curing is unattainable.

8. Since the powder coating does not contain a solvent, pinholes and bubbles are not easily formed during the curing process, and the liquid coating is likely to generate pinholes and bubbles during the curing process due to the presence of volatile solvents and diluents.

9. Powder coating is easy to transport, does not leak and volatilize, and liquid paint transportation is very inconvenient, easy to leak and volatilize, and may even burn and explode.

10. The anti-corrosion decoration of powder coatings is good, the comprehensive production cost is low, and the paint liquid paint can not be compared with it.

It is precisely because of the above-mentioned advantages of many liquid coatings that powder coatings have been prosperous and prosperous in China for nearly two decades. But from a scientific point of view, everything has advantages and disadvantages. Powder coatings still have the disadvantages of difficulty in color change, complicated production equipment, and high temperature curing during use. This is the problem that the vast majority of colleagues in the coating industry need to overcome through continuous efforts.

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