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Selection of Heating Mode of Curing Oven (Heating Energy)

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The curing heating system is an important part of the powder spraying production line.

Powder Coating heating system is divided into:

Gas hot air heating system----It is the first choice for box curing oven, and continuous operation is also optional.

Coal hot air heating system----It is the first choice for continuous pipeline operation, and the box type curing oven is also optional.

Hot air heating system----As oil prices rise, running costs are higher.

Particle combustor----Environmental protection but low heat energy.

Electric heating system----The cost is very high.

The characteristics of various curing heating systems:

1. When the curing furnace is running for a long time (such as the baking line of the spray line, or the box type curing furnace can open 4-5 continuously), the consumption cost of the coal hot air heating system is the lowest; but if the continuous operation (used for a box type curing furnace, only one oven a day), the dye and the people are due to the cause of fire and the residual carbon in the furnace. The waste of labor is large, so the consumption cost of heating system of coal burning hot air has no advantage at that time.

2. Under the condition of intermittent operation, the operating cost of the gas hot air heating system is the lowest, and it is convenient to start and shutdown. Even if it runs continuously for a long time, the consumption cost of the gas hot air heating system is also very good (the coal system needs to store coal and clean the slag manually, so the actual comprehensive consumption cost is compared to the burning. " The advantages of the gas system are not obvious. It is the first choice of the box type curing furnace. From the angle of convenience, automation and clean and environmental protection, it is also very good to choose a gas heating system by heating the pipeline.

3. If the amount of spraying is very small, the far infrared radiation heating system with minimum investment can be considered.

The advantage of the electric heating system is that its price is very low, and it is also fully automatic control.

(1) high running cost is the highest consumption in heating system.

(2) the heating element in the heating system occupies a larger space in the solidified oven, and the volume of the same size can be reduced, and the width becomes smaller.

(3) the workpiece must keep a certain distance from the electric heating element, otherwise the local temperature will cause the color difference too high, which further reduces the available space in the curing furnace.

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