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Solving Powder Coating Line Utilization Failure

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Solving Powder Coating Line Utilization Failure

 With the development of science and technology, manual production is increasingly not to meet the needs of enterprise flow, replaced by industrial automation production, industrial automation production can be better to free productivity, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, so that enterprises maximize profits.

The most representative of industrialized production is the use of intelligent Automatic Powder Coating Line, whose application areas include: automotive production, medical, hardware, smart home appliances, aerospace and other fields.

How to deal with Powder Coating Line utilization rate are:

1, from the Powder Coating Line hanging tool, how to deal with the utilization rate of the hanging tool;

We through the scientific design of the hanging tool, to ensure that the weight of the hanging point does not exceed the conditions of the hanging point, increase the hanging point of a single hanging tool, and then significantly improve the useful utilization rate of the hanging tool, some are even several times the increase in utilization, so that the actual production capacity of Powder Coating Line greatly exceeded the design production capacity. This is especially useful for small products.

Powder dip coating line B

2、Improve equipment and process.

During the peak season, the Powder Coating Line runs 24 hours a day, and because of the increase in production, the replacement of the tank solution also takes up - part of the normal production time. In order to ensure the quality of the product and not to miss the normal production time, the previous equipment was modified and a tank was connected in parallel with the original pre-treatment Tsubaki, especially the degreasing tank. In this way, no matter what time to replace the tank liquid, it will not affect the normal production time, only need to match another tank liquid early.

3、Use new type of pre-treatment for painting

This is divided into 2 points: the use of new low-temperature chemicals and the use of new pretreatment process. In the actual production, we also use the new coating pretreatment chemicals to improve the production power.

Purpose Once we used the traditional coating pretreatment chemicals, the application temperature is required to be above 50 degrees, and it takes a long time to warm up the process before each shift, especially in the cold weather in winter.

In the cold weather of winter, sometimes the set temperature cannot be reached for a long time. After the selection of a new type of low-temperature phosphating agent and degreasing agent, greatly shortened the temperature process. In the convenience of production management, while increasing the useful working

time, and then improve the production power. Not only that, but also save production costs, - a multi-benefit.

4、Rational layout of the overall logistics

In the beginning of the design of the spraying equipment should take into account how to maximize the utilization rate of the equipment, reasonable layout, reduce unnecessary logistics gaps.

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