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The most important details of a powder coating production line

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Nowadays, our technological development has become very rapid, even the coating line equipment used in the coating line industry has also made a new breakthrough, and the air spraying machine is a new type of powder coating production line equipment, many decorators are very fond of using it to paint items, so do you know which elements need to be paid attention to when operating the air Do you know which elements to pay attention to when operating an air spraying machine?


The lap of the spraying mist should be flat. 


Normally, when using powder coating production line air sprayers, the lap width of the spray mist should be maintained at the same level during the spraying process, otherwise, the surface of the item will be unevenly thick or thin, with spots, stripes, and other phenomena. In the case of multiple overlapping spraying, the spray gun should run in the opposite direction to the previous spraying track, so that a more even and flat film can be obtained.


The gun must move at the right speed. 


painting line

When operating the air spray gun for painting, what aspects of managing the painting line equipment need to be considered? The speed at which the gun moves must be very appropriate. If the gun is moving too slowly, it will cause the film to be too thick and the phenomenon of downward flow; but if the speed of movement is too fast, it is likely to cause the spray pattern to meet not a lot of places. It is difficult to get a uniform and smooth film, so in general, when painting, the speed of movement of the gun is good to maintain a constant speed value above, so that you can get this gives a perfect coating effect.


The right distance to spray


If the spraying distance is too close to the surface of the object to be painted, the surface of the object to be painted will be covered with too much paint in an instant, making the film too thick; but if the distance is too far, then there will be a lot of paint wasted in the air, making the effect of painting very poor, and the film will also be very thin, and even in severe cases, the coating film may even lose its luster. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a proper distance for the coating line when applying the coating.

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