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The impact of chains on conveyor lines

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The factory conveyor line is one of the important equipments in modern manufacturing industry, which can transport the items on the production line to the next process quickly and efficiently. In the factory conveyor line, chain is one of the important components, and its influence on the conveyor line cannot be ignored.

The choice of chain has an important influence on the normal operation and service life of the conveying line. 

When selecting a chain, several factors such as the type of conveying line, weight of the item, speed, and operating environment need to be considered. 

If the selected chain does not meet the requirements, it may lead to problems during the operation of the conveying line, such as chain skipping, chain jamming, chain loosening, chain stretching and other problems.

The impact of chains on conveyor lines (1)

Jumping chain means that the chain suddenly jumps out during the operation, causing the conveyor line to stop running

This situation may lead to interruption and loss of the production line. 

Chain jamming is when the chain gets trapped on the rollers of the conveyor line during operation, causing the conveyor line not to run normally. 

Loose chain can cause the chain to lose its carrying capacity of the items, which may cause the items to be dropped or damaged

Chain stretching will cause the chain to deform and lose its original structural stability, which may lead to the failure of the conveyor line as a whole.

The impact of chains on conveyor lines (3)

Points need to be noted when selecting chains

Therefore, the following points need to be noted when selecting chains.

1. Select the appropriate chain according to the requirements of the conveying line, including the material, strength, length and width of the chain.

2. Make sure the quality of the chain meets the requirements and choose the product with excellent quality.

3. Maintain the chain on a regular basis to avoid abnormal conditions.

4. Choose the proper chain processing and installation method to avoid problems in processing and installation.

Points need to pay attention to in the process of using

In the process of using, you also need to pay attention to the following points.

1. Avoid overload operation and choose the proper quality and quantity of items.

2. Avoid using wet and corrosive items to avoid corrosion of the chain.

3. Avoid collision and friction so that the chain surface will not be scratched or damaged.

4. Check the condition of the chain regularly to avoid excessive wear or damage of the chain.

The above precautions can effectively extend the service life of the chain and ensure the normal operation of the conveyor line. In addition, there are some safety matters that need to be paid attention to in the process of using the chain, such as avoiding the operator to reach into the conveying line and avoid running the conveying line too fast.

The impact of chains on conveyor lines (2)

In the application of factory conveyor line, the selection and use of chain is crucial

Correct selection and use of chains not only improves productivity, but also reduces failure rate and maintenance cost, thus making the operation of the line more stable and reliable. 

And if the chain is not selected or used properly, it may lead to production line downtime, equipment damage and other problems, which will have serious impact on the production efficiency of the enterprise.

In addition to choosing the right chain, some advanced technical means can be used to improve the performance of the conveying line. 

For example, frequency converter can be used to control the running speed of the conveying line to achieve more accurate control.

In addition, intelligent detection technology can be used to achieve automatic monitoring and fault warning of the conveyor line, thus improving the reliability and safety of the equipment.


In conclusion, chain, as an important part of factory conveyor line, has an important influence on the normal operation and service life of the conveyor line. Choosing suitable chains and using and maintaining chains reasonably can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce failure rate and maintenance cost, thus making the enterprise's production line more stable and reliable.

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