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The importance of pre-treatment process and common problems and reasons

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In industrial production, powder coating, as an efficient and environmentally friendly coating technology, is widely used in the surface coating of various products. 

However, to ensure the quality and adhesion of powder coating, the importance of the pretreatment process cannot be ignored. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the pre-treatment process in powder coating, common problems and their possible causes to help you better understand and address these challenges.

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The importance of the pre-treatment process:

The pre-treatment process is a critical part of the powder coating process, and it directly affects the adhesion, weatherability and appearance quality of the coating. The following are some of the important aspects of the pretreatment process:

  • 1. Surface Cleaning: Before spraying, the surface of the workpiece must be thoroughly cleaned to remove oil, dirt and other impurities. This helps to ensure that the coating adheres firmly to the workpiece and reduces the risk of peeling.

  • 2. Rust removal and deoxidisation: For metal workpieces, it is vital to remove surface rust and oxides. This can be achieved by chemical treatment, mechanical treatment or pickling to ensure a strong bond between the coating and the metal surface.

  • 3. Surface treatment: Surface treatment increases the adhesion and weathering resistance of the coating. For example, the use of phosphating or chromate treatment can form a composite layer generated by a chemical reaction on the metal surface, which helps to improve the adhesion of the coating.

  • 4. Primer application: Primer application can provide a better adhesion base for the coating, as well as additional corrosion protection.

Common Problems and Their Causes:

Problems with the pretreatment process during the powder coating process may result in poor adhesion, weathering resistance and poor appearance of the coating. The following are some common pretreatment problems and their possible causes:

  • 1. coating flaking: if the coating flakes off easily, it may be due to insufficient cleaning of the surface of the workpiece or poor bonding of the coating to the substrate.

  • 2. Corrosion problems: If the workpiece corrodes, it may be due to insufficient removal of rust or oxides during pre-treatment, or improper surface preparation.

  • 3. Bubbles and looseness: If the coating has bubbles or looseness, it may be due to moisture on the surface of the workpiece, or oxides and dirt were not completely removed during the surface treatment process.

  • 4. Colour difference problem: If the coating has colour difference, it may be caused by uneven pre-treatment or improper surface treatment agent.

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In order to ensure the effectiveness of the pre-treatment process during powder coating, the following measures can be taken:

  • 1. Strictly control the process parameters: Ensure that each part of the pretreatment process is operated in strict accordance with the specified parameters to ensure consistent treatment quality.

  • 2. Selection of appropriate pre-treatment methods: According to different workpiece materials and needs, select the appropriate cleaning, descaling and surface treatment methods to ensure that the surface of the workpiece reaches the desired state.

  • 3. Regularly maintain the equipment: Regularly check and maintain the pre-treatment equipment to keep its normal operation and ensure the stability of the treatment quality.

  • 4. Use high-quality materials: Choose high-quality coatings, primers and chemical treatments to ensure coating adhesion and weather resistance.

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The importance of the pre-treatment process should not be underestimated in the powder coating process. With proper pretreatment, the adhesion, weatherability and appearance quality of the coating can be ensured, thus increasing the quality and value of the product. At the same time, timely detection and resolution of problems in the pretreatment process can help ensure the stability and reliability of the powder coating process and provide a solid foundation for industrial production.

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