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Important factors determining coating quality

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An automated powder coating system is the hardware of coating quality, but even the best and most advanced automated powder coating system is still useless if it is not properly managed. Keeping the automated powder coating system in the good technical condition is one of the necessary conditions to ensure the orderly production and quality of the coating.


If the equipment is not in good technical condition, it will not only seriously affect the performance of the equipment and the quality of the coating, but will also cause damage to the equipment, resulting in incalculable losses. This is especially true for automated powder coating systems, such as conveyor chains, pumps, fans, etc. The operation of machinery usually requires lubrication, cooling of hot equipment, etc. All of these need to be checked and maintained during production, and if insufficient measures are taken, the equipment is extremely susceptible to problems. For paint spraying lines with purified air supply systems, the problem of dust can easily arise.


automated powder coating system

 Generally, the new equipment is still quite good at the beginning. After a period of production, slowly the workpiece will be more or fewer dust particles on top of the coating than before. The reason for this is that the dust has accumulated on top of the purification filter and has not been cleaned up in time. Especially if the production plant is in a dusty environment, the filter system should be cleaned regularly, otherwise, the filter will be blocked, and so on.


Obviously, poor maintenance of the automated powder coating system does not guarantee the quality of the coating but also increases the repair rate, maintenance costs, and the scrap rate of the finished product, all of which affect the production schedule and increase production costs. The worse the management of the equipment, the more problems will arise. When you find more problems with your production equipment, it's time to be vigilant and see if there are any gaps in your equipment management. To manage an automated powder coating system well, it is important to have sound regulations in place.


-Critical automated powder coating systems should have operating procedures.


-Each piece of equipment should have a person in charge of it, and the foreman, adjuster or operator, and mobile maintenance personnel should regularly check the operation of the equipment every shift and keep records of it


-A maintenance plan should be prepared for the main critical equipment and regular maintenance should be carried out.

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