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Powder coating system: Causes and treatment for blistering

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Causes of blistering and loss of light in powder coating system spraying and how to deal with it.



    1. The surface of the object to be coated is wet or there is acid, salt, salt, and other substances.

    2. Water mixed with paint and thinners.

    3. The surface of the object to be coated is too rough, the absorption of the paint is large, and the coating is too thin.

    4. The site environment humidity is large, more than 90%, the coating is very easy to white and loses light.

    5. The site temperature is too low, drying is too slow, water is gathered in the surface layer caused by the loss of light.

    6. The water in the air compressor is not cleared and mixed into the coating to produce lesions.

    7. The amount of thinner is too much.

    powder coating system


    1. Clean up the impurities on the surface of the painted object.

    2. Store the paint properly to prevent mixing with water.

    3. Pay attention to the coarseness of sandpaper to ensure that the painted material is flat on one page.

    4. Adjust the room temperature or stop construction.

    5. The working temperature should be above 10°C.

    6. Remove water from the air compressor and maintain the oil/water separator.

    7. Adjust the construction ratio.

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